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community supported fisheries

Our goal at wild west is to supply you with the freshest caught fish available from Washington waters. We have been supplying the best restaurants in Seattle and the Olympic Peninsula for over a decade now and can now do the same for our retail customers via our community supported fisheries program. For $21/week you will get plus or minus 1 pound of fresh fish, depending on species and market value. Go here to signup

"Sea Creatures Restaurants take pride in  working closely with farmers, fisherman, and ranchers to ensure a quality products for our guests.  Preston and his team at Wild West is a perfect example of these relationships we have fostered over the years.  Wild West takes care in consistently providing us with sustainable and local seafood.  They are a pleasure to work with and I would recommend them to any restaurant."  Renee Erickson

"We haven’t seen a fish that was less than perfect in 7 years of doing business together."  Brendan McGill